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Appraisal Process Made Simple


Reach our team by filling out an appraisal order form or just Contact us.


We will immediately begin researching your property and creating a plan of action.


We will be in touch every step of the way as your appraisal is completed and delivered in record time.

*The posted fees below and elsewhere on this site apply to homes less than 3500 sq ft; however, prices may vary based on the location, acreage, and complexity of the property.​ We make every effort to work with you and keep our fee as low as possible (The fees below are honored on over 95% of our appraisals) Terms and conditions apply.

  What Our Clients Are Saying


Tennessee Home Appraisals nailed my home appraisal! Pro, efficient, & accurate. Made the process a breeze. Highly recommend! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Christopher, Knoxville
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