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Appraisers Dont Advocate

What do we mean when we say that an appraiser can’t be an advocate?

When it's said that a real estate appraiser can't be an advocate, it means that the appraiser must maintain an impartial, unbiased standpoint when evaluating a property. Appraisers are tasked with determining the value of a property based on its characteristics, condition, and the current market conditions, among other factors. Their role is to provide an objective assessment of a property's worth, not to support any particular interest (be it the buyer's, seller's, or a lending institution's) that might influence the market value. This principle ensures that the appraisal process remains fair and equitable, providing a reliable foundation for financial decisions. Advocacy, in this context, could compromise the integrity of the appraisal by introducing bias, potentially skewing the property value to favor one party over another. Such a situation could lead to unfair sales prices, lending amounts, and could significantly affect market dynamics.

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