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Exterior Only Appraisal

$ 350.00

TN Home Appraisals USPAP compliant exterior only appraisal.

Unlock the convenience of an exterior-only appraisal, also known as a drive-by appraisal, this type of appraisal involves TN Home Appraisals examining a property's exterior from a public roadway. The appraiser will consider the property's exterior condition, the surrounding area, and real estate records to estimate its market value.
This is a great option, especially when coupled with our optional Property Assist app that sends a secure link to your phone that allows you to take photos and tell us about your home. The entire process takes less than 15 minutes, saves you money, and provides us with detailed information about your home.

TN Home Appraisals has the expertise and knowledge to value your home whether a full, exterior-only, or desktop appraisal we will walk you through the valuation process.

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